Hypnothoughts Live 2016

Las Vegas fun may be over for another year but my Mike Mandel Hypnosis t-shirt is perfectly intact as are my memories from all the great classes.  The lights, shows and craps tables of Vegas were not the main draw … honestly.

I did play craps, of course, and I returned home with a respectable $114 USD in winnings and a dress for Dear Daughter #1.  She has a swanky wedding in the fall and I used the dress as an incentive to win money.  I loved it on sight; a little black number with gold and black fringe and the cutest neckline … ok, I am digressing.

Lessons Learned

Hypnothoughts Live was loaded with classes from business models to intensive hypnosis training.  I attended workshops on public speaking, insomnia, musical inductions and working with students. My favourite workshop was in the final time slot of the conference.  The instructor, Kevin Laye, was amazing; funny, knowledgeable and inspiring.   He was partial hypnotist, partial scientist and a whole lot brilliant.

William Wood, the most enthusiast NLP instructor I have ever seen, presented a fun and interactive workshop .  We had a lovely mutual admiration moment on the last day.

Preparation is King

I was thrilled to be speaking at the conference this year.  Uber-prepared, my speech was finalized and memorized long before I left home.  My PowerPoint was saved on two flash drives and two electronic devices.  I brought three times the amount of handouts and business cards I needed as well as an extra electronic page turner with extra batteries.  Most importantly, I brought a special adapter for my iPad to connect to the projector.

Panic City

Did I say I brought an adapter?  It was that crucial piece of equipment that I left in the Monte Carlo when my best friend and I moved to the conference hotel, the Orleans.  After realizing it was not amongst my belongings, severe panic settled in.  Fortunately, I learned that a fellow Storm Rider, Haris, had brought his computer and VGA adapter.  Go Haris!  I was good to go and great it was!

It was fun and gratifying to speak to my greatest mentor and friends.

Post Mortem

As always though, just before I head into a new situation like this, I question the validity of my talk even though I know my stuff and have no stage fright whatsoever.  Attending other presenters’ workshops increases my doubt when they present detailed protocols or success patterns.

I cannot decide if this is merely a self preservation tactic or nervousness disguised.  My talk was motivational which set it apart from the practical presentations but, in the end, it was a positive thing.

It still begs question, as I know I am not alone, why do we doubt ourselves continuously?






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