Yesterday, I had the pleasure of returning to speak to a group for the second time.  I worked with them a year ago and was thrilled to be asked back.

However, it always surprises me when I someone rebooks me because I don’t like the sound of my own voice and wonder how anyone else would want to hear it.  Clearly, my therapy is not working.

There really is no therapy.  Can you tell?

The company, Scientists in School, was my employer for 14 years so the return felt incredibly familiar.  It was hard not to jump in to the business discussion prior to my session.

This year’s presentation was a version of my Perception, Curiosity and Creativity talk that I presented in Las Vegas two weeks earlier.   I could, in fact, adapt this talk to nearly any organization because it hits upon human ideas.

1. Humans are diverse and different

We are like snowflakes … warm snowflakes, actually … with way more stuff going on in our lives.

It always amazes me when a parent says that they cannot believe how different their children are.  Apparently, kids raised by the same parents should all be the same?

We are shaped by our experiences and our reactions to them so how could we possibly be the same.

2. Humans are naturally curious

Toddlers are curiosity machines; they touch, grap, throw, lick and hug anything they can get their hands on.  Adults would do the same but have had manners pounded into their brains.  We replace it with gossip, curious about everyone else’s lives but our own.

3. Humans are innately creative

Most people will tell you that they are not creative but will grab a bunch a stuff out of the fridge and toss it in a pot for dinner.  Cooking without a recipe takes creativity.  Playing a piano without music takes creativity.  Writing a letter to a friend takes creativity.

Creativity changes our brain.  Where are you creative in your life?


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