The driving trance is a powerful one!  We drive unconsciously for the most part, paying attention mainly to the road ahead and behind us.  During a long, relaxing trip, driving creates a great learning state as the unconscious mind is in control while the conscious mind is busy watching the other cars.

If I were to ask you what direction you move the turn signal in your car, chances are you would have to physically pretend to move it before you could tell me.  Moreover, how often do you think of the feel of your hands on the wheel unless they are cold?  It is indeed fortunate that we drive unconsciously because we cannot keep track of everything at the same time!

Yesterday, I had a long drive home from visiting a close friend.  The four hour drive is familiar and scenic.  Before I left home, I loaded my smartphone with podcasts and an audio book.  I love to listen to educational programs as they keep me occupied and quite happy.  But more importantly, my brain is ready to learn while I drive.


On the first leg of my journey, I listened to “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo.  At times repetitive, I found the concepts in this book fascinating.  In fact, when I returned home, I began to automatically follows some of her suggestions.  After walking outside, I thanked my running shoes for supporting my feet.  I also talked to one of my tops as I hung it up after laundering.  It will be very interesting to see the changes once I begin to tidy up.  Yes, I have already decided to do it and know exactly how to go about it!  Talk about learning while driving!


On my last leg of my journey, I listened to Brain Software with Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson.  It was podcast number 74 titled Logical Levels: An Awesome Method for Personal Change!  One of the things Mike and Chris discusses with Robert Dilts’ Logical Levels of Change.  I had been thinking about these recently and as is often the case, the review was right at my fingertips … or ears, in this case.

These levels look like a pyramid with each level affecting one another:



People who are stuck in the environment level feel as though life is happening to them.  Why does this keep happening to me?  Someone up above my hate me!  It is as though they have no control over their life.


This level refers to what people say and do within their environment.  Change what you say or do and your environment will change.


Capabilities are really just abilities, according to Mike.  Add more abilities, change your behaviour.  You have to practice anything to be good at it so why not practice positive things!


If you believe you can or cannot do something, you are likely correct.  Changing your beliefs changes your abilities.


“I am” statements.  What is it exactly that you believe yourself to be.  I recently chatted with a woman who said “I am a migrainer.”  I wanted to ask her how that belief served her but it was obvious in how central her migraines are to her life.  They are the reason for all of her behaviours!


Considered optional, this level deals with our spirit level.

Change your identity and watch everything else change.  What a great reminder!

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