Daytime Durham: Community Fun!

Recently, I reached out to my local community Rogers TV producer extraordinaire, Sandi Grant.  As in most communities, there is a local TV channel that showcases ordinary folk to share business info,  personal improvement strategies and city happenings.   Having been on her Daytime Durham show in my previous job, I was hoping to become a return guest for Mind Body Engineering. Immediately Sandi replied to my email and the gig was booked.  Scheduled to do Halloween themed science experiments, I had great fun assembling science stuff found in my kitchen.  Baking soda and vinegar experiments never get old.  Add in […]

Changing My Own Brain

I am 53 years old and a woman.  That in itself is trouble.  Daily I look in the mirror and expect to see my 25 year old self.  Ideally, I want to see a face unblemished by wrinkles and age spots.  How great would it be to see a body that is firm and has 20 less pounds of that jiggly stuff.    These are not impossible things to achieve.  The difficulty lies in execution. I have spent most of the summers of my life at various cottages.  My tan is enviable even though I never lay in the sun.  […]

Out of the Gate and Running!

I finally published my first Random Acts of Creativity video only to realize that I had forgotten to add an entire segment that I had shot.  Sheesh!  A little back-pedaling is helpful, I guess, to keep me on my toes. Recently, I have been wanting to put something online to encourage creativity.   Having spoken on the subject numerous times, I am always amazed that most adults do not think they are creative.  I truly believe that we are all born with the gift of creativity.  Just look at any three or four year old child;  a fridge box is […]