I finally published my first Random Acts of Creativity video only to realize that I had forgotten to add an entire segment that I had shot.  Sheesh!  A little back-pedaling is helpful, I guess, to keep me on my toes.

Recently, I have been wanting to put something online to encourage creativity.   Having spoken on the subject numerous times, I am always amazed that most adults do not think they are creative.  I truly believe that we are all born with the gift of creativity.  Just look at any three or four year old child;  a fridge box is one of the best toys.  They will play with a box forever, creating stories that are incredibly creative.

I am not really one to sit an watch TV.  I have joked with my kids for years that I am going to pick a TV show that I watch religiously.  It just doesn’t seem to happen.  Fortunately, as my husband loves hockey and baseball, I am happy to sit and do something crafty during the (seemingly) nightly games.

A long-time knitter, I can literally read a book and knit but how many sweaters do we really need?  Therefore, I have branched out into quick, fun little crafts that I can do anywhere.  One of my favourite times to craft is during long car rides.  I have numerous reusable bags filled with various craft supplies and just choose the one that catches my eye first.

One of my best friends put it best:  when I begin to create an art project, I can literally feel my brain change.  Creativity open us up to more possibilities.  It widens our perception, relaxes our body and bring us joy when we celebrate a finished project.

Go on, get crafting!



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