I am 53 years old and a woman.  That in itself is trouble.  Daily I look in the mirror and expect to see my 25 year old self.  Ideally, I want to see a face unblemished by wrinkles and age spots.  How great would it be to see a body that is firm and has 20 less pounds of that jiggly stuff.    These are not impossible things to achieve.  The difficulty lies in execution.

I have spent most of the summers of my life at various cottages.  My tan is enviable even though I never lay in the sun.  Activity alone, plus genetics, has given my skin some great reminders of its time in the outdoors.  As for wrinkles, I actually don’t mind them as they are signs of a long life.

My beef is with my joints, specifically my shoulders.  A couple of years ago, I had an up close and personal relationship with adhesive capsulitis.  This is a fancy term for a frozen shoulder.  For whatever reason, my shoulder joint was incredibly stiff and sore.  Every time I would reach for something, it would elicit pain that would take my breath away.  I would basically grab my left shoulder, bend over and swear like a trucker.  Putting on a coat, doing up a bra, and closing a car door were excruciating.  The treatment?  Time heals all (my Chiropractor and Naturopath also helped a lot).

Unfortunately, my right shoulder (the good one) has now gone on strike.  I don’t know what is wrong with it but it hurts.  Sometimes, it even takes my breath away.

It is really difficult to do a lot of exercising without using your shoulders.  I cannot play tennis, squash, ball or even frisbee.  A beer laden, stinking hot game of horseshoes set it back in the summer but I must say, it was totally worth it.  The resulting attitude is to avoid pain, skip out on exercise and write more about my issues in my blog.

But, alas, it’s time to Change My Brain (imagine a huge reverb on that sentence).

Now that its autumn and its no longer 30 degrees Celsius here in Canada (yup, I said Canada), walking is a viable option for exercise.  I have begun walking to and from appointments all over my city.  Sometimes, it will take me an hour to get there but I listen to my favourite podcast and I am entertained!   I am currently hooked on any episode of This American Life, peppered with All In The Mind and Brain Software episodes.  Seriously, whenever I get home I immediately text friends and send them the link to that day’s episode.  They are probably hating me by now.

Today, I walked to a Physio clinic to set up a consultation.  It took 37.31 minutes to walk there and back.  I know the exact time because I stopped my podcast when I got home.  I could have driven but that would have defeated my purpose to Change My Brain (brain brain brain brain……).

But here is the other exciting thing!  I have rediscovered my Wii!  and have pulled out Wii Sports, Wii Resort, Wii Fit and Wii Fit Plus.  I can play the racquet sports with my left arm and change my brain even more!  My scores are not as good but it is fun using the wrong arm in the comfort and privacy of my own basement.  I played for over an hour yesterday without any boredom.

Between walking and the Wii, I can already feel the change beginning.  If the Physio folks can fix my shoulder, then look out 25 year self!  I might be right on your tail.

Now its time to go Photoshop out some age spots on my head shots …

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