Host Denise Marek experimenting with the cauldron

Recently, I reached out to my local community Rogers TV producer extraordinaire, Sandi Grant.  As in most communities, there is a local TV channel that showcases ordinary folk to share business info,  personal improvement strategies and city happenings.   Having been on her Daytime Durham show in my previous job, I was hoping to become a return guest for Mind Body Engineering.

Immediately Sandi replied to my email and the gig was booked.  Scheduled to do Halloween themed science experiments, I had great fun assembling science stuff found in my kitchen.  Baking soda and vinegar experiments never get old.  Add in some dish soap and its truly a fun mess!

Finally with bags of equipment packed and ready, I drove to the studio.   In my world promoting science and art together has no downside.  I passionately believe that both subjects should be treated with equal reverence.

But most importantly,  I want to focus on this awesome community television station.  Upon my arrival I felt very welcome at the studio.  Warm and well prepared, the beautiful host Denise Marek greeted me enthusiastically.  She mentioned that she had checked out my website and,  after examining my experiments, we chatted for a bit.

Even though producer Sandi was juggling many details at the time, she was positive and upbeat about each of the guest’s spots.  In fact, all the staff in the studio were friendly and conversed happily before and after the segment.  I have traveled to a number of these local stations and I always notice the same thing: courteous staff, great hosts and terrific producers.

Comparatively I have been on the set of a national morning show.  Beautiful and ultra-professional, the studio and staff were amazing.   The hosts were terrific at their job and the producers were knowledgeable.  But the initial greeting with the host was minimal and there was little to no interaction with staff or fellow guests.    In fact some of the guests had even brought their own entourage and make up artists.  I found it to be much more intimidating.  I didn’t feel the same warmth.

There is something wonderful to be said about local TV stations that have a lot of heart.    As a guest, I was felt appreciated and staff take the time to get to know me a little.  Sure these studios don’t have the glitz and glam of the larger ones.  In fact Sandi actually wallpapered the set herself!

But the relaxed atmosphere goes a long way toward making guests feel comfortable.  Not surprisingly, live TV can be quite stressful for most people.  Sandi and Denise are very aware of this and do everything they can to make the fun (and very quick) journey enjoyable.

With nine minutes to air in the studio,  Denise and I chatted about trivial things.  Meanwhile,  Sandi installed my mic and took pictures. The TV spot itself went well even though one experiment didn’t work properly.  I just chalked it up to the nature of science!

After the live spot Sandi even helped me clean my science dishes.  In short, I had a terrific day!

When I asked Sandi why she loves working at Daytime Durham she said, “These TV stations want to reach out to the community and help them promote where they live.  They open their station to the people of the community.  We are all about the community and are passionate about sharing that message.  We encourage anyone with a story or business to be part of our lifestyle show.  TV is a rush and we love seeing the excitement in our guests when they have finished their segments!  For me, its about the community and meeting passionate people!”  Sandi has recognized that I live and breathe science and art.  I must say it is very gratifying.

In my opinion, our local TV stations are diamonds in the rough and I encourage everyone to check out their local TV show.  In truth you may even have something valuable to share with your city or town.  What do you have to lose?



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