I don’t say Thank You enough for everything in my life.  I usually remember to do so when I am driving.  I also seem to remember everything I need to do at home when I am driving.  I wish that would happen when I am actually at home.

Today, I woke up at my usual time.  My cracked tooth is still sore from a rogue shell in a soft chocolate covered acai/blueberry treat but it will be fixed soon.   It is a good day.

I will be taking 20+ lbs of orange and white tabby cat to the veterinarian soon.  The vet will lecture me on feline weight-loss methods and I will return home with a cat who begins begging for food two hours before feeding time.  I am surprised he (Henry) has not rubbed a groove in my shins with his pleading ways.  Today is a good day.

A 13 year old girl will Skype me late morning from Spain.  I am tutoring her in math and science while she and her parents are taking a sabbatical and traveling abroad for a few months.  Today we will discuss data management.  She has collected some primary and secondary data and it is now time to analyze the numbers. Any day that includes math is indeed a good day.

My best friend will be arriving around lunchtime before visiting her step-mom at the nearby hospital.  She has been coming here once a week and usually stays over night as she lives about an hour and a half from me.  I suspect that she actually stays overnight because our house is so quiet compared to her 3 kids/3 dogs/3 cats chaotic home.  One visit was for two nights and we managed to play Wii Sports and Wii Fit for a few hilarious hours.  Today, we will drink coffee and chat.   It’s a good day.

I have a life coaching client this afternoon; she is enthusiastic and wanting to walk away from her problems.  She will do very well and we will have a fun session.  Today is a good day for hypnosis.

If I have a free moment, I will fit in some card-making.  I craft all of my own greeting cards and they are becoming quite extravagant.  I am addicted to crafting.  There, I said it.  I am a maker.  My art room is bursting at the seams.  Someone really needs to clean up that room.  Any day that I can exercise my creativity is a good day.

My hypno group, led by Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson, will gather this evening at the University of Toronto for a little Christmas cheer.   Judging by our past gatherings, there will be lots of laughter and story-telling.   They will also be broadcasting a live webinar.  We will attempt (and probably fail) to be quiet in the background.  It’s a good day.

I will return home to my hefty cat, skinny cat and wonderful husband.  He will have returned from a Christmas gathering of his own.  We are counting down the days until all of our girls are home for Christmas. It will be messy and loud but everyday will be a good day.

If I forget to say Thank You … Thank You for everything but most especially for today.

3 thoughts on “Today is a good day

  1. For every negative there is a positive.
    You are a saint and knowing you is a good day! For every negative there is a positive.

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