The beginning of a New Year brings a new word for me.  My word for 2016 was GRACE and my new word for 2017 is ENVISION.   I am, of course, assuming that you know what I mean by a year’s word.

What is a Word?

In a nutshell, this one word is my resolution for the coming year.  It is the word that encompasses all I would like to be for the next 365 days.  I first heard of this movement a couple of years ago from my dear friend Mike Mandel.  Mike is a heavy hitter in the self-improvement field and has created incredible systems to facilitate personal and positive change.  A few years ago, Mike helped me find my overall word, my mission in life.  That word is Pursuance and my definition is to gain knowledge and spread that knowledge to the world.  I wear that word like a pair glasses, through which I view everything.  My Pursuance glasses are large with gold sparkly lenses and a frame that looks like a 5 year drawing circles with a sparkler through the air.  On top of my mission word, I have added a yearly word.  A word that helps me navigate my way through the upcoming year.

Choosing a Word

OneWord365 is a website that promotes this idea and will hook you up with a word and a tribe (people with the same word).  There are lots of great examples of words if you don’t know where to start.  I will direct you at the bottom of this page to the OneWord365 site to learn about these words.  Join the site and find your tribe.

When choosing a word, I had to focus on what I want.  I did not take this lightly but rather spent a lot of time thinking of words that I want to achieve by the end of 2017.  Words like focused and creative were part of the mix but with the help of a thesaurus I had to find that one word that encompassed all words.  Confusing?  Absolutely, but worth it.

Envision may be my new word but I have not forgotten about Grace.  However, I have had a year to focus on reacting and behaving with grace and will extend that forward.  Inevitably, Grace has eluded me at times but my awareness of it has definitely kept my reactions more on the positive side.  After all, I am flawed and need to continually improve.  Only special people do not need to improve.  You know who are the special people in your life and they are exhausting.  I don’t ever want to be special.  Ahem, back to Envision.

Defining a Word

The most important part of the process is to decide what my word means to me although this can be a bit like the chicken and egg.   To find my word, I have to define what I want and to get what I want, I need to find my word.  Where Grace is word of management, Envision is a word of play and imagination;  reactive vs reflective.  By focusing on my reactions, I have taken a more introspective look at myself.  Once inside, I need to take the time and space to see what else I can find.  There is nothing more introspective than imagination.  Envision is therefore using my imagination to see what I have not seen before.

Wearing a Word

Imagine your word is a pair of glasses.  What colour are the lenses and the frames?  Are there textures or embellishments?  Make the image vivid.  Imagine yourself putting on your glasses and breathe deeply.  Continue to breathe deeply until your glasses are firmly in place.  Every time you think of your word, breathe deeply.  Prepare to see the world in a new way.

Excitedly, I look forward to my imaginative journey for the next year.  Feel free to join me and share your word!




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