Through my personal journey and extensive education, I have become a mentor for many groups and individuals.  Working with a select clientele, I have helped people to:

  • walk away from their problems
  • change their perspective of the world
  • create positive and lasting change
  • focus on the things that they really want

Services may include:

Healing Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a natural state, one in which we move in and out of throughout our day.  It is a change in focus, rather like mediation.  It is also a learning state and is so powerful that we can make lasting changes to our mind and body while in a trance.  Your mind is the best tool that you have so why not use it to its greatest potential?  You are your best and only therapist.


Mind-Blowing MindScaping

Developed by Mike Mandel, MindScaping is a fantastic and thoroughly enjoyable journey into  your own mind similar to a waking dream.  Your mind will know the metaphor for a problem and will find the solution with minimal guidance.  Redesign your future by changing your past reactions.



The Graphological Breakdown

Handwriting is brain writing.  Amazingly, a complete graphological analysis will tell you everything about your personality, even things you didn’t know.  Change your handwriting, change your brain.  Are you a procrastinator?  Learn to become proactive by changing your cursive writing.  Would you like to be more creative?  Fire up your imagination in your writing.  It will astound you!



Chakra Healing

Learn how emotional stressors and physical discomforts are linked.  Identifying blockages and clearing emotions will set you up for success.



Contact me directly to discuss your needs.  Pricing may vary.