For the past 15 years, I have been a professional speaker, performer and TV guest.  Having worked with both children and adults, I am continually amazed at people’s desire to learn and grow.  But changing your mind and body takes commit and lots of practice.  Learn some great techniques to change your perception, decrease the negative and increase the positive.


Science + Art = FUN!  – Get on the STEAM train and book a custom designed workshop for your group.  Participants will learn a key science concept and create their own fun using everyday objects.


Perception, Curiosity and Creativity – how can these three things change your life?  What are the questions we should ask to inspire creativity?

Left Brain vs Right Brain – Learn the different strengths of our incredible brain and how using our whole brain is key.

The Power of Language – what words go straight to our brain and what are the affects?  How can we talk to ourselves in a positive way?

Contact me directly.  Prices may vary.