Daytime Durham: Community Fun!

Recently, I reached out to my local community Rogers TV producer extraordinaire, Sandi Grant.  As in most communities, there is a local TV channel that showcases ordinary folk to share business info,  personal improvement strategies and city happenings.   Having been on her Daytime Durham show in my previous job, I was hoping to become a return guest for Mind Body Engineering. Immediately Sandi replied to my email and the gig was booked.  Scheduled to do Halloween themed science experiments, I had great fun assembling science stuff found in my kitchen.  Baking soda and vinegar experiments never get old.  Add in […]

Changing My Own Brain

I am 53 years old and a woman.  That in itself is trouble.  Daily I look in the mirror and expect to see my 25 year old self.  Ideally, I want to see a face unblemished by wrinkles and age spots.  How great would it be to see a body that is firm and has 20 less pounds of that jiggly stuff.    These are not impossible things to achieve.  The difficulty lies in execution. I have spent most of the summers of my life at various cottages.  My tan is enviable even though I never lay in the sun.  […]

Out of the Gate and Running!

I finally published my first Random Acts of Creativity video only to realize that I had forgotten to add an entire segment that I had shot.  Sheesh!  A little back-pedaling is helpful, I guess, to keep me on my toes. Recently, I have been wanting to put something online to encourage creativity.   Having spoken on the subject numerous times, I am always amazed that most adults do not think they are creative.  I truly believe that we are all born with the gift of creativity.  Just look at any three or four year old child;  a fridge box is […]

A Great Reminder

DRIVING MISS LISA The driving trance is a powerful one!  We drive unconsciously for the most part, paying attention mainly to the road ahead and behind us.  During a long, relaxing trip, driving creates a great learning state as the unconscious mind is in control while the conscious mind is busy watching the other cars. If I were to ask you what direction you move the turn signal in your car, chances are you would have to physically pretend to move it before you could tell me.  Moreover, how often do you think of the feel of your hands on […]

Ottawa’s Creativity Kick-off

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of returning to speak to a group for the second time.  I worked with them a year ago and was thrilled to be asked back. However, it always surprises me when I someone rebooks me because I don’t like the sound of my own voice and wonder how anyone else would want to hear it.  Clearly, my therapy is not working. There really is no therapy.  Can you tell? The company, Scientists in School, was my employer for 14 years so the return felt incredibly familiar.  It was hard not to jump in to the […]

Post Vegas Hypnotic Trance

Hypnothoughts Live 2016 Las Vegas fun may be over for another year but my Mike Mandel Hypnosis t-shirt is perfectly intact as are my memories from all the great classes.  The lights, shows and craps tables of Vegas were not the main draw … honestly. I did play craps, of course, and I returned home with a respectable $114 USD in winnings and a dress for Dear Daughter #1.  She has a swanky wedding in the fall and I used the dress as an incentive to win money.  I loved it on sight; a little black number with gold and […]