I don’t say Thank You enough for everything in my life.  I usually remember to do so when I am driving.  I also seem to remember everything I need to do at home when I am driving.  I wish that would happen when I am actually at home. Today, I woke up at my usual time.  My cracked tooth is still sore from a rogue shell in a soft chocolate covered acai/blueberry treat but it will be fixed soon.   It is a good day. I will be taking 20+ lbs of orange and white tabby cat to the veterinarian […]

Play Like a Child

If you want to be more curious, think like a child.  If you want to be more creative, play like a child. But why would we want to be more curious or creative? Obviously, I don’t know about your world but mine is filled with lists, schedules and deadlines.  I organize money, time, and events daily which keeps my left brain working overtime.  Ultimately, this leads to a life in the here and now with planning and reaction being my most frequently used tools.  There are days that end with me being both exhausted and anxious.  Incredibly, the answer is […]