The beginning of a New Year brings a new word for me.  My word for 2016 was GRACE and my new word for 2017 is ENVISION.   I am, of course, assuming that you know what I mean by a year’s word. What is a Word? In a nutshell, this one word is my resolution for the coming year.  It is the word that encompasses all I would like to be for the next 365 days.  I first heard of this movement a couple of years ago from my dear friend Mike Mandel.  Mike is a heavy hitter in the self-improvement […]

I don’t say Thank You enough for everything in my life.  I usually remember to do so when I am driving.  I also seem to remember everything I need to do at home when I am driving.  I wish that would happen when I am actually at home. Today, I woke up at my usual time.  My cracked tooth is still sore from a rogue shell in a soft chocolate covered acai/blueberry treat but it will be fixed soon.   It is a good day. I will be taking 20+ lbs of orange and white tabby cat to the veterinarian […]